Since 1943 serving better our customers

José Guilherme de Sousa & Filhos, Lda
Company created by the man who gave it the name in 1943. Throughout his life, José Guilherme de Sousa revealed a character of nobility and unequalled civic integrity, so the Town Council of Cabeceiras de Basto consecrated him posthumously, getting his own name on the Square where he lived much of his life, in recognition of his civic and business example.
From the legacy left we can point out this industrial unit, which in the Basto region is one of the biggest private employers and a major bee-hives exporter, as well as wooden elements for fruit and vegetables boxes. Located in a region with a long tradition in the processing of Pine wood, our Management, these days, is proud to be one of a kind in the total transformation of the Pine in hives and related products. The good use of our raw material and the preservation of this benchmark of our national forest, the Pine, are translated in a zero waste of raw materials management – everything has a use for us -, as well as the active and constant awareness of the need of cleaning and reforesting our forests.
Over the past 20 years, already in the third family generation management, we have been developing efforts to diversify our production, always aiming to add value to our raw material and aspiring, nowadays, to assume a bigger impact on our region Economy and an active participation regarding the overcoming of the national Forest problems. This is our role, we hope to accomplish it with you!